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Student Behavior

The behavior codes of the North Bergen Public Schools are aimed primarily at helping the students achieve a high standard of socially acceptable conduct. This is regarded as an important part of their learning experience.

Students are expected to:

Prepare themselves mentally and physically for the process of learning:

  • Students are nourished, rested, clean, properly dressed and groomed
  • Students are free of drugs and alcohol
  • Students come to school prepared to learn

Demonstrate respect for people and property:

  • Students are honest, courteous and polite
  • Students respect the property of others
  • Students accept the rights of others to their own opinions
  • Students settle differences peacefully
  • Students display good sportsmanship at school-related functions
  • Students participate in the maintenance and cleanliness of school facilities and property

Take responsibility for their own behavior and learning:

  • Students recognize that school is work and academic development is the primary purpose
  • Students complete all homework, classwork and exams
  • Students make personal choices based on reasonable decision-making processes
  • Students accept constructive criticism and disagreement when necessary and appropriate
  • Students accept the consequences of their actions

Use time and other resources responsibly:

  • Students attend school regularly and punctually
  • Students use study periods and library time for school work
  • Students use books and other equipment appropriately

Share responsibilities when working as members of a group:

  • Students cooperate, contribute and share in the work of the group
  • Students accept and assume leadership when appropriate
  • Students listen to the points of view of others

Meet the unique requirements of each class:

  • Students participate actively in the classroom
  • Students follow class rules and procedures
  • Students bring to class textbooks, clothing and other materials necessary for participation
  • Students observe rules for safe handling of class equipment and materials

Monitor their own progress toward objectives:

  • Students record and maintain records of progress
  • Students plan courses of study and schedules
  • Students seek assistance from school staff members and peers
  • Students value the relationship of learning to everyday life

Communicate with parents and school personnel about school-related business:

  • Students take time to discuss academic learning and school progress with parents and school personnel
  • Students transmit information to parents and return responses to appropriate school personnel when requested
  • Students know the appropriate people to involve when a problem occurs
  • Students outline with parents and teachers a clear and concise educational goal for the school year.

A proper educational environment can exist only when students have developed the responsibility necessary to fulfill these expectations listed. The philosophy of the North Bergen School System states that disciplinary actions be undertaken in order to foster in the students a sense of responsibility. In doing so, the North Bergen School District seeks to develop a cooperative attitude between school personnel and students which is geared toward helping students understand and control their own behavior. The underlying causes of the problem are also dealt with, not just the symptoms. At times, however, it is necessary to use corrective measures in order to discourage improper behavior.

When students fail to meet an acceptable standard of behavior within either the classroom or other areas of the school building, it may be necessary to assign them detention. Detention generally occurs after school between 3:00 and 3:25 P.M. and is under the supervision of school personnel. Some of the reasons for assigning detention are:

  1. Disregard of classroom and/or school regulations
  2. Disrespect to school personnel
  3. Misconduct to and from school and on buses
  4. Excessive lateness to school and/or classes.

Unfortunately, there are times when an offense will lead to the suspension of a student. When a student is suspended, his/her parents are notified that the student is to be kept home from school for a specified amount of time. A parental conference follows the suspension. Some of the reasons for suspension are:

  1. Physical assault/fighting
  2. Vandalism
  3. Endangering the well-being of self and/or others
  4. Possessing and/or selling an illegal substance
  5. Smoking
  6. Cutting classes or leaving school before dismissal
  7. Being in an unauthorized section of the school building without permission
  8. Use of profanity
  9. Open defiance of authority
  10. Willful disobedience.

It should be noted that flexibility will be maintained when disciplinary action is taken against a student.