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Hello everyone this is Doctor George Solter, Superintendent of the North Bergen School District.  I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable spring recess.  I would like to give you some important pieces of information as we look to return to in-person education.
First, we will start returning students to the classroom the week of April 26th.  A while ago we asked each family to complete a survey on whether you wanted to have your child remain on virtual instruction or attend in-person education.  At this time, we have the rosters set for each classroom.  We will be following a hybrid schedule where Group A students will be in on Monday and Tuesday, and Group B students will be in on Thursday and Friday.  Every Wednesday we will be learning remotely.  Each day we will be have an early dismissal schedule for in-person education.  Additionally, we will have small group sessions through virtual instruction from 2:25 PM to 3:00PM.  These sessions will be by an invitation from the teacher.
Second, our reopening plans for each school will be on the school webpage.  A message will be sent to you through an automated call, an email, and a text with links to the plan.  The plan includes entering the school, busing, classroom rules, recess, and dismissal. 
Third, we will still be giving out lunches and breakfast during the return to in-person education.  Students who are learning virtual can pick up the lunches and breakfasts on Monday and Thursday.  Students who are in-person will pick up lunch and breakfast as they leave school.
Fourth, we are in the process of planning for a summer learning program.  The summer program will be in-person and will be specific to the students learning gaps.  More information will be given next month on the registration process, locations, and the schedule.
Fifth, we will be having the graduations for all schools outdoors at Bruins Stadium.  We will follow the same process as last year.  A schedule of dates and times as well as the process will be sent to all parents in the near future.
Lastly, I truly appreciate all of your cooperation during these trying times.  Additionally, I would like to thank all of the staff members for their efforts as we transitioned to virtual learning and now transitioning back to in-person education.  If you have any questions please contact your school administrators or email me at  Please stay healthy and follow the CDC guidelines.

Dr. George J. Solter Jr.


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vaccine registration

COVID-19 Moderna Vaccine Registration Portal Information

The North Bergen Health Department has created a COVID-19 Registration Portal for parents and students who must be 18 years of age or older. The vaccine is Moderna. Please click on the headline to get more information about the vaccine registration portal.
meal pickup


Free meal pickup is available for all students in the district. Meal pickup is available to all in person students daily upon exiting the building.  Remote meal pickup is available between 1:00 and 2:30. Please click on the headline for more details.
Little Caesar's Fundraising

Little Caesar's STEM Fundraiser

Please click the title to help support our STEM Academy by purchasing pizza, breadsticks, and cookie kits to make at home with your loved ones.
A message from the superintendent


Please click on the headline to watch the April 16th announcement from Dr. George Solter regarding the return to in-person education, a summer learning program and outdoor graduations.
100 Reasons why we love school


Ms. Patti Madeira, Kennedy School Social Worker and SEL Educator, had her students share "100 reasons why they love school". Our SEL students have been working on meditation, self-awareness, self-reflection, self regulation, and yoga. These students have been flourishing all year thanks to the support of their families, teachers and friends. Way to go Ms. Patti and students! SEL rocks!
A message from the Superintendent


Please click on the headline to watch the February 8th announcement from Dr. George Solter regarding the second marking period report cards, Black History Month, and our road back to in-person instruction.

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