• As we prepare for the New Year and get ready to make resolutions for 2018, each of us must reflect upon what we were able to accomplish in 2017.  There have been some changes in the schools’ operating procedures, such as: the standards-based report cards in Kindergarten, grade one and grade two; an increase in family engagement by having more activities at the local schools; modifications to the curriculum and instruction that the students work with each day; and an increase in the use of technology.  We look forward to increasing the open communication among the school, staff, and the parents.  Our goal is that “together the parents, the teachers, the support staff, the supervisors, the directors, and the administrators will work to make sure each child has the opportunity to be successful.”  We promise that each day will be an opportunity for learning and experiences that will help chart a course for each child’s future.  So as you welcome the New Year, reflect on the past, anticipate the future, and resolve to try to be better at everything, to accomplish goals that you have set, and to make a difference.

    Dr. George J. Solter Jr. 


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