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The school year is now halfway over and we are into February. I have some important items to tell you about for this month. 

First, we are celebrating Black History Month in our classes through discussions, essays, reading assignments, and projects. We focus on the experiences and contributions of African Americans.   It's more than focusing on iconic figures like Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks; it's a chance to look into the often untold stories of scientists, artists, athletes, educators, and everyday people who have shaped America's history and culture.   Through these activities, we celebrate an integral fabric of American society, fostering understanding and empathy, moving towards a more just and equitable future for everyone. 

Second, we will also celebrate Presidents Weekend with no school on Friday, February 16th, and Monday, February 19th. This Presidents' Day, let's take a moment to celebrate the legacy of the leaders who have shaped our nation's history.   While George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are often the faces of the holiday, remember that it's a day to honor all who have served as President.   Their stories, triumphs, and challenges offer valuable lessons for all of us. 

Third, We have now completed the second marking period.   Please view your child's academic progress on the Realtime Parent Portal. If you need assistance accessing the Parent portal please contact the office personnel at your child’s school. Have conversations with your child’s teacher or school administrator if you have any questions.   We want to develop action plans to help increase your child’s academic progress. 

Fourth, we are in the winter season and continually watch for any inclement weather that may arise and cause an alteration to our school schedule. We will inform you of any changes through phone messages, texts, emails, and a posting on our website. We want you to be well-informed so you can plan for these emergency days. 

Finally, make sure you look at our district and school websites for information about events happening at our schools. Additionally, phone calls will be sent out with information so please listen for things happening around our district. We have night, afterschool, and weekend help sessions for the students and parents. These events will help you understand what is going on in our schools and assist you as your child moves along in their educational journey. 

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected].  Thank you.

Thank you.    
Dr. George J. Solter Jr. 
[email protected]
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message from the superintendent

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message from the superintendent

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