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March Message

We are now moving into March when a good portion of the school year is complete. I implore each parent or guardian to review your child’s progress in all areas of their academic results. In grades K to 6 please look at the reading level, which is designated by a score of A to Z. Have conversations about your child’s progress on the benchmark assessments in Math and English Language Arts. If your child is participating in the Title 1 program there are many programs after school and Saturday available to help close the learning gaps. We are actively working to progress monitor all students who are at-risk or have a learning disability. As I always try to explain, you, the parent, along with the teachers, supervisors, and administrators, must work together to make sure each child has the opportunity for success.

The staff of the North Bergen School District celebrated the achievements of African
Americans in our history and culture during the entire month of February.  To ensure that
we continue to provide our students with a well-rounded education and expose them to
many different African Americans who have impacted American history, teachers
worked collaboratively to cover specific genres and/or themes at each grade level. 
Additionally, we celebrated Presidents Day with various grade bands exploring different
aspects of presidential history. We looked at specific presidents, historical landmarks,
and the rights of the executive branch of government. We used online sites, primary
source documents, historical archives, and multimedia sources to strengthen each child’s
understanding of the presidency.

This month we are celebrating women who have made a significant impact on history and
made important contributions to society. In order to ensure that we continue to provide
our students with a well-rounded education and expose them to many
different women who have impacted society, teachers will work collaboratively to cover
specific genres and/or themes in each grade level.  This will ensure that students will
have exposure to many different historical women as they progress through the school

As always please look online at the North Bergen School District website Twitter (@northbergenschools), and Facebook
(nbergenschools). Please view your school website and the social media available for the
school, visit the parent portal for Realtime, and sign up for the parent App from Realtime
to receive push out information from the schools.

Dr. George J. Solter Jr.


News & Announcements

Realtime Mobile App

Mobile App for Parent Portal

"Realtime Link for Parents" is a new mobile app that integrates seamlessly into Realtime's student information system to help parents stay in tune with their students and schools from anywhere. Please click on the title for more information on how to get the app.

NBHS Welcomes Mrs. Lois De Julio Esq.

The Social Studies Department's Junior State of America and the Young Leaders Club recently welcomed Mrs. Lois De Julio Esq. to North Bergen High School. Click the title for more information.
NB Advanced Chorus

A Music Tradition Continues!!

Bartlesville High School from Oklahoma visited the North Bergen HS Advanced Chorus. We sang together, performed for each other and spoke to each other about life in each area of the country. It was a great experience for students and teachers from both schools!
NBHS Ladies' Ensemble

Congratulations NBHS Ladies' Ensemble!

This is the video of the NBHS Ladies' Ensemble performing at the Hudson County Teen Arts Festival. They were awarded Top Honors out of 10 ensembles participating. They will now go on to represent the county at the State Teen Arts Festival.

Author Visit at Fulton Annex

Thanks to our first grade teacher, Crystal Rodriguez's raffle entry, Robert Fulton Annex was able to welcome Mrs. Adams to the school. Click the title for more information.
Model UN

Social Studies Model United Nations

With numerous High Schools from all over NJ and over 600 students participating, the Social Studies Department's Model United Nations (MUN) Team had a tremendous showing at the 28th annual St. Peters University Model United Nations (SPMUN) WINNING 6 prestigious awards. Click the title for more information
Stem academy Freshman

Congratulations to STEM Academy freshman Jennifer Salguero

Congratulations to STEM Academy freshman Jennifer Salguero on her bridge competition win at Fairleigh Dickinson's Saturday Engineering program. Her design and build withstood the most pressure to structural weight. Another NBSA success!
Momo Challenge

Momo Challenge

Dear Parents/Guardians,  A recent social media challenge that targets young children called the " Momo Challenge " has created concern, confusion and misinformation. The purpose of this letter is to provide you with accurate information about it and reinforce the significance of monitoring your children's use of the internet and social media. Click on the title for more information