North Bergen School District Home

During the month of November we gave thanks to the members of our armed forces. Their service in each of the branches ensure our right to live free and enjoy our way of life. Many activities happened in our schools to recognize their service to our country. Additionally, we paused on Thanksgiving to give thanks for all we have and share with those who are less fortunate. The schools had food drives to support the local food banks and the children wrote notes and essays about what they were thankful for in their classes.

Now that December is here, we shift our focus from gratitude to reflection. We
encourage all staff and students to look back at 2018 and recall successes as well as
difficult events. Each of us should identify strategies that were successful and use
them to challenge ourselves in the future.

Please remember to view all upcoming events on our many websites and social
media posts.

The staff at the North Bergen Board of Education wishes everyone a happy holiday


Dr. George J. Solter Jr.