Elementary School Info » Safety


The North Bergen School District encourages the practice of safety and takes seriously its responsibility for the care of the student body. Besides safety checks of school equipment, buses and buildings, regular practice is held in fire drills, air raid alerts and emergency exit from school buses. All school activities are carefully supervised. Parents are urged to do their part by reviewing the following information on safety with their children.


  • Please insist that your child observe the following rules:
  • Cross where the school guards are posted Cross at cross-walks and not in the middle of the block
  • Go directly home from school when dismissed; do not play in the streets on the way home
  • Demonstrate proper respect to the crossing guards. When dropping off or picking up students, parents are urged to observe the following rules:
  • Do not double park
  • Do not block crosswalks or school bus stops
  • Park on the school side of the street so that children do not have to cross the street.


Parents are requested to discuss the following safety rules with their children and to require that the children comply with them:

  • Walk to and from school in groups or pairs
  • Walk along traveled streets and avoid isolated areas
  • In the interest of safety do not ride bicycles to school
  • Report anyone who molests or annoys you or another student to an adult
  • Refuse rides from strangers and refuse to accompany strangers anywhere
  • Do not carry or play with glass items, matches or other potentially dangerous items
  • Use play areas that are supervised and checked by police
  • Do not play in remote or isolated areas.


Parents whose children are transported to and from school on a school bus are requested to discuss the following safety rules with their children and to require that the children comply with them:


  • Be on time at the designated bus stops, since the bus must keep a schedule to insure the safety of other children
  • Never stand on the roadway while waiting for the bus
  • Be careful approaching the bus routes on your way from home Bus riders shall conduct themselves in a safe manner while waiting for the bus
  • Avoid crowding and pushing in getting on or off the bus Do not move toward the bus at the loading zone until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Never enter or leave the bus while it is in motion
  • Do not destroy or damage surrounding property while waiting for the bus; bus stops may be discontinued for this reason.


  • Go immediately to designated seat and remain there until the bus has reached the school
  • Keep arms or other parts of the body inside the bus at all times after entering the bus
  • Assist in keeping the bus safe and sanitary
  • Obey the driver promptly and cheerfully; driver has a great responsibility and the students must help the driver
  • Loud talking, laughter or undue confusion tend to distract the driver; remember, your life depends on the driver watching the road
  • Do not talk to the driver while the bus is in motion Classroom conduct is expected except for conversation in normal tones
  • Treat bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your own home; damage to seats, etc., must be paid for by the offender
  • Remember the bus and its equipment serve a purpose, tampering with any part of it may result in serious injury to you or others
  • Any damage to the bus should be reported to the driver immediately
  • In case of a road emergency, remain in your seat until instructed otherwise
  • Leave no books, lunches, or other articles on the bus
  • Keep your books, packages, coats, and all other objects out of the aisles; your life may depend on a clear passage to the exits
  • Be courteous and responsible passengers at all times; help look after the comfort and safety of small children Do not open or close windows without the permission of the driver
  • Never throw articles from bus windows or into bus windows
  • Be absolutely quiet when approaching a railroad crossing
  • Smoking is not permitted on a school bus
  • Obey the school bus patrol at all times, if one is on your bus
  • Learn how to get on and off the bus quickly in case of an emergency
  • Always enter and leave the bus through the front door; the rear door is for emergency only.


  • If there is a crossing guard at the point where you leave the bus and you must cross a street, wait for a signal from the guard
  • Caution is especially necessary during inclement weather
  • Help look after the safety and comfort of small children
  • Walk quickly, but do not run; do not loiter.