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The Elementary Literacy Team understands the impact that the power of reading has on student success. Throughout the school year, we make every effort to integrate literacy into our district wide events by infusing fun reading centered activities that involve our students and their families.  Through our rigorous ELA curriculum and the many ELA district wide initiatives set forth each year we ensure that all students are reading, writing, and spelling every day. We have taken several steps to encourage our students to read outside of the classroom in order to increase reading comprehension, vocabulary, general knowledge, and cultural awareness.


***Please take a moment to review a snapshot of the many ELA activities conducted this school year.  If you would like to see additional photos, please check out our Facebook page, North Bergen Elementary ELA and feel free to like and follow.  By doing so, we hope that you will stay current with all of the North Bergen School District’s exciting and fun literacy activities that our students participate throughout the year.***

N.B. R.E.D.
The N.B. R.E.D. (North Bergen Reads Every Day) initiative helps to motivate our students to read nightly for at least 20 minutes.  By reading with your child as often as you can and asking questions along the way, you will practice fluency and comprehension skills to support their reading success! 
Mystery Reader
We are now welcoming parents, siblings, and family members to surprise students as classroom Mystery Readers.  Mystery readers are able to come into the classroom and share a book from home or borrow a book from the classroom library.  If you are interested in becoming a Mystery Reader, please contact your child's classroom teacher for more information.
Vocabulary Parade
Vocabulary parades have become a yearly event that everyone looks forward to.  Each year two grades are selected to participate in the parade where students choose a vocabulary parade and bring this word to life with a creative costume.  It is the perfect time for students to let their artistic and creative side soar!
Spelling Bee
The North Bergen School District is proud to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  The top spelling students in grades 4-8, participate in a school wide event where their spelling skills are put to the test.  The top speller gets the opportunity to represent their school in the county wide spelling bee.  Students in the lower grades (1st-3rd) participate in their own event which gets our younger spellers to join in on the spelling fun as well. 
Reader's Theater
Reader's theater is a great way for our 3rd and 4th grade students to practice their fluency skills all in a fun and artistic way.  Students are given scripts which can be stories, myths, fables or legends, each of which correlate to the student's reading level. Students work in groups and practice their lines with their classmates during center time.  Once the readers are ready, students put their hard work on display with a reader's theater performance.
Battle of the Books
The month of March is usually all about college basketball, but in the North Bergen School District, March madness is all about Battle of the Books.  The month starts off with a bracket of 8 fiction books from various authors.  Students in grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade spend the next few weeks listening to the books and voting on which is their favorite.  Each week, there are winners selected all leading up to the one champion of Battle of the Books. 
Read Across America
The last week in February is dedicated to our love for reading!  We celebrate Read Across America by spending the week reading various books across all genres and culminating the celebration on Dr. Seuss' birthday.  This week is all about the power of a great book integrated with the classic stories by Dr. Seuss.  Watch out, there will always be a citing or two of The Cat in the Hat across the district.
Librarian Visits
The elementary literacy team enjoys collaborating with the North Bergen Public Library throughout the year allowing us to welcome our town librarians Joseph Rivera and Nicole Pelliccia into every school.  In grades K-2nd, the librarians enjoy sharing story time, in grades 3rd-5th students participate in Book Talks, and in grades 6th, 7th and 8th the librarians discuss the library's data base and tips on conducting research online.  These programs promote a love for reading as well as prepare our older students for proper researching strategies. 
Poem in Your Pocket Day
The month of April is National Poetry Month.  The North Bergen School District celebrates all month long with various activities in each school such as Poetry Cafes, Poetry Trees, and more.  The fun comes to an end on Poem in Your Pocket Day where every student across the district comes to school with a poem in their pocket.  Students are eager to share their poems with other students, teachers, and parents allowing us all to embrace a love for poetry together.