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Literacy Coach Team

The North Bergen School District employs literacy coaches at every elementary school.  The role of a literacy coach is multifaceted and includes the following:
  • Model instructional strategies for teachers with students in a whole or small group setting in the classroom
  • Use data to provide materials, activities, and instruction that better meet the needs of the students
  • Train and support teachers to use data to differentiate instruction
  • Coach and/or mentor colleagues
  • Provide support to classroom teachers
  • Serve as a resource - providing ideas, materials, and/or suggestions in an informal manner
  • Serve as a peer - working collaboratively to problem solve issues related to specific students struggles/needs
  • Provide district wide training/professional development to teachers
Coach and School Directory
Franklin School                                           
1st - 8th Grades
Kennedy School
1st - 8th Grades
Lincoln School Annex 
Robert Fulton School
1st - 8th Grades
Lincoln School
1st - 8th Grades
McKinley School
Robert Fulton School Annex
1st - 8th Grades
Horace Mann School
1st - 8th Grades