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Mobile App for Parent Portal

"Realtime Link for Parents" is a new mobile app that integrates seamlessly into Realtime's student information system to help parents stay in tune with their students and schools from anywhere. Please click on the title for more information on how to get the app.
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Congrats Ms. Menwer and Ms. Diaz!

Congratulations to Robert Fulton's Ms. Shorouk Menwer's and Horace Mann's Ms. Karina Diaz's 4th-grade classes. Both teachers were selected to represent the district and participate in the Hudson County 4th grade Mini-Mock Trial. Click the title for more.
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Congrats CSEOP Graduates

Congratulations to our CSEOP Graduates (Cyber Security Outreach Program) at FDU today. Students graduated from a program recognized by both the NSA and DHS. Click the title for more details.
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Early Dismissal - Tuesday, April 16th

All North Bergen District Schools will have an early dismissal (One session Day) on Tuesday, April 16th, due to the Board Of Education Elections.

Elementary School Dismissal is at 1pm.
NBHS Dismissal is as follows:
9th period ends at 11:56 PM -
10th period ends at 12:39 PM
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3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!

Rockets, Rovers and Satellites OH MY! Mrs. Cintron's 6th grade students enjoyed the experience of designing space crafts using recycled materials. Click on the title for more details.
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