Superintendent's Message

Superintendent George Solter
June Message
Please look at the Graduation Schedule that is located on the North Bergen School District website. The weather will determine the location and time for the graduation ceremonies. Announcements of the decision will be made on our website, emails, texts, and phone notifications to be sent out by Monday evening for the elementary schools and Wednesday evening for the High School.
As we are on the eve of ending another school year, I want to thank all of the teachers, teacher aides, clerks, clerical aids, nurses, nurse aides, attendance officers, security guards, custodians, maintenance workers, cafeteria staff, board of education staff, principals, vice-principals, directors and supervisors for all of the hard work that was done to provide the education and services to the children of North Bergen.
Additionally, I would like to thank the North Bergen Police Department for all they do for the children in our schools. We are always better when they are with us to keep our children safe.
As we moved through the 2021 - 2022 school year there were many challenges. Our goal was to keep you, the parents and school community, informed of our plans and programs. Please follow my messages and our many social media platforms. If you have any questions please contact your child’s school or email me at [email protected]
We will be the starting summer enrichment and the summer remediation classes on Monday, June 27th to Monday, August 1st. Please make sure your child attends the classes to receive the full benefit of this program. Also, if the class is for remediation, your child may be retained in a grade if he or she has excessive absences.
We have monthly vaccine clinics in our schools in partnership with the North Bergen Department of Health. These clinics will continue during the summer months. Please look at our website and check for our alerts for the dates, time, and locations. These clinics are for new vaccines, second shots, and boosters.
We want to congratulate all of our graduates as they move on to colleges, universities, community colleges, tech schools, employment, or the military. We wish them well in their future endeavors and want them to go out there and do great things.
There are many activities around the town during the summer. The North Bergen Public Library has many programs and activities that can satisfy every child’s interests. Also, the North Bergen Recreation Department has Summer Fun and other activities in many locations all over town for our children to enjoy the time off. Please visit the North Bergen Town Website and make sure you have our children active this summer.
As we move into the summer many curriculum areas have posted work for our students to do to keep them current and focused to avoid a summer slide. These are activities to keep our children focused and should
not be a burden during the vacation. The worst thing is to wait until the last weeks of August to do the work and make it a job rather than a refresher of knowledge and preparation for the next school year.
A quick note of caution concerning student absences. Each student is allowed 18 absences during the school year. Any time a student exceeds 18 absences, credit will not be given for that academic year. We always have an appeal process for extenuating circumstances. I ask that each parent please be aware of your child’s number of absences. We need to make sure our students are present to receive the best education possible.
I would like all of the students and staff to enjoy and take some time off during the summer to relax and be ready for next year. Those who need remediation or enrichment please take this time seriously to be ready for next year. As always I thank you for your support and we welcome any comments or suggestions as we move to the 2022 - 2023 school year.
I wish you all the best and thank you.

Dr. George J. Solter Jr. 
[email protected]