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McKinley School
Yannuris Rodriguez 
I joined the NB District Bilingual/ESL Program one year ago.  I have 17 years of experience in Early Childhood Bilingual Education.  My years of experience and the fact that I am a product of the Bilingual education myself, I am a very committed and culturally aware educator.  I truly enjoy teaching and serving students and families in such a culturally diverse community like North Bergen.
Kennedy School
Dana Kramer
My name is Mrs. Kramer and I am an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at John F. Kennedy Elementary School. I have a Master's in Reading as well as my ESL Certification. I believe all students are capable of learning and hope to make a difference in the lives of all my students! I am excited about the opportunity to teach my students the English language and look forward to a happy and productive school year!
Wassila Ayoub My name is Ms. Ayoub.  I am an ESL teacher at John F. Kennedy School.  I was hired by the North Bergen Board of Education in 2011.  I have my MA in teaching English as a Second Language and I love to teach!  As a teacher, my purpose is to inspire a deep love for learning and build strategies that students can use in years to come.  I am here to inspire and I believe in my students and their ability to learn.
Nana Gigineishvilli
My name is Nana Gigineishvili and this is my 4th year teaching ESL at J.F Kennedy School. I have my first Master's degree in Education from country Georgia and my second Master's in Urban Education/ESL from NJCU. I'm fluent in English, Georgian and Russian languages  and I always remember my personal experience as a language learner. I know how important is to encourage my students and congratulate them on their efforts, no matter how small the achievement is. 
Caren Kalman 
Omaira Wynne
Franklin School
Jeff Cabrera
Yannuris Rodriguez
Lincoln School
Tina Cusati
My name is Tina Cusati. I have had the pleasure of being an ESL teacher in North Bergen for the past nineteen years. I hold a Master's degree in Urban Education with a specialization In English as a Second Language. My experiences growing up as a child of immigrant parents has helped me to better understand and connect with my students.
Lincoln Annex
Antonia Feliciano
I have a Masters Degree in Education with specialization in ESL.  I have been teaching ESL in the district for 26 years.  I am the ESL teacher for the Kindergarten at the Lincoln Annex.
Robert Fulton
Lucy Brignola
Barbara Sansanelli
Hello! My name is Barbara Sansanelli.  I have been teaching ESL for over 25 years in North Bergen.  At present, I am teaching ESL classes to grades one, two and four at Robert Fulton Schol.  My ESL mission is to help all my English language learners (ELLs) accomplish proficiency.  I work with these students helping them to expand their skills and knowledge in the English language through listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Adrian Toro
Robert Fulton Annex
Linda Casais
Teresita Diaz
Josefina Eduardo
Michelle Parets
My name is Michelle Parets.  I have been teaching Bilingual/ESL in the North Bergen School District for 22 years.  I am currently teaching ESL to first, second, fourth and sixth grade.
Anthony Vargas
Felix Sanchez
Horace Mann
Myriam Fiallos
Tatiana Liggio
Idalia Noya 
Hector Mendoza
My name is Hector Mendoza and I am an ESL teacher at Horace Mann.  I am a proud home-grown product of North Hudson County and I believe this connection is what drives me to educate new incoming students to succeed in North Bergen.   My introduction to teaching happened when I lived overseas in 2010, thus opening the door towards my career as an ESL instructor.
Pre-K Center
Ramon Sesin
My name is Ramon A Sesin, ESL teacher at the Pre-K Center.  I feel great working with the little ones that I see as an extension of my own grandkids.
They are wonderful beings hungry for knowledge and continuously validating my purpose in life. Everyday I hope that I make a positive contribution to their lives.
Stephanie Ozuna

My name is Stephanie Ozuna and I am an ESL teacher at the North Bergen Preschool. My background is in psychology and second language acquisition, and it is so enriching to work in a community where students come from such a diversity of backgrounds. I am happy to be part of the North Bergen District community, serving our students so that they can recognize and reach their highest learning potential through reading, writing, listening and speaking the English language. Together we work to integrate into the community linguistically and socially while still preserving knowledge and pride of our heritage. 

Mi nombre es Stephanie Ozuna y soy maestra de ESL en North Bergen Preschool. Mi experiencia educativa es en psicología y la adquisición de un segundo idioma, y es muy enriquecedor trabajar en una comunidad donde los estudiantes provienen de orígenes tan diversos. Estoy feliz de ser parte de la comunidad del Distrito de North Bergen, sirviendo a nuestros estudiantes para que puedan reconocer y alcanzar su máximo potencial de aprendizaje a través de la lectura, la escritura, la comprensión auditiva del idioma inglés. Juntos trabajamos para integrarnos en la comunidad lingüística y socialmente mientras conservamos el conocimiento y el orgullo de nuestra herencia.