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District Philosophy

Philosophy of the North Bergen School System

During their years in the North Bergen School System, our pupils will undergo great, natural changes in mind and body. It is the purpose of our school system to participate with the family and community in helping the pupils channel those changes so that they may develop as individuals into productive members of the family, the community and the state.

Our most potent tool for channeling pupil growth is the classroom. In our classrooms, laboratories, workrooms, studios, libraries and gyms, we promote growth in intellect, emotion, skill and physical well-being. The faculty, staff and administration of our schools act together to nurture the classroom environment by planning lessons, providing supplies, maintaining the physical environment and supporting discipline.

To enhance the work of teachers and pupils in the classroom, we offer extracurricular programs. Our student government, club activities, athletic programs, school publications, supplementary academic classes, Student Assistance Resource Program, and work-study programs are designed to add to the intellectual, physical and social development of every pupil.

In planning the structure of our schools, we must consider the variety of changes our pupils are undergoing, the variety in the multifaceted society surrounding pupil and school, and the variety in subject matter, skills and vocational goals we serve. Consequently, we allow each discipline and each extracurricular activity latitude in finding the method and approach that best suits the specific goals of each pupil.

The constant to all factions in our school system is the result for which we all aim: a pupil with intellectual tools for success in the world; with economic skills suitable to his/her place in the labor market; with social attitudes and values congenial to life as an individual and community member.

It is the expectation of this school district that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.

An important part of this philosophy is the following list of objectives:

A. To provide an environment which promotes learning and self-motivation for pupils to develop:

    • A sense of responsibility

    • A pride in work

    • A feeling of self-confidence

    • An awareness of his/her potential

    • A sense of the worthy use of leisure time

    • A desire for learning to be carried with them into the future

    • Good character, good citizenship, and leadership ability

    • A sense of self-respect, fairness, and sportsmanship

    • An understanding and respect for the republican form of government and democratic principles and ideals

    • An awareness of the needs and sensitivities of others

    • An appreciation of the arts

    • Individuality while respecting the rights of others

B. To provide instruction and practice in the following skills:

    • Studying, listening and the communication arts

    • The ability to think rationally, to formulate opinions, make decisions and solve problems

    • Functioning in the laboratory, studio and workroom

    • Using the body properly in healthful living and recreation

    • Interpreting charts, maps, graphs, newspapers and periodicals

    • Performing mathematical operations

    • Interpreting critically fictional, expository, and lyric texts

    • Learning subject matter and applying it to everyday experience

C. To make available and encourage:

    • The study of foreign language

    • The sampling of career opportunities in classes and work-study programs

    • Participation in extracurricular activities

  • Remedial and supplementary instruction to overcome individual weaknesses.