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Being a mathematician is about critical thinking, justification and using tools of past experiences to solve new problems. Teach beyond "the tricks".
The world does not need more robots; asking children to mindlessly follow an algorithm is not teaching them anything more than how to follow instructions. There are a million ways to teach reading and following directions; do not reduce mathematics to that single skill. Allow students to experience and play and notice and wonder. They will surprise you!

Nix the Tricks is inspired by committed teachers who want to take the magic out of mathematics and focus on the beauty of sense-making.

The purpose of 13 Rules that Expire is to outline common rules and vocabulary that teachers share and elementary school students tend to overgeneralize—tips and tricks that do not promote conceptual understanding, rules that “expire” later in students’ mathematics careers, or vocabulary that is not precise.
The article Twelve Math Rules tells us we must consider the mathematical language and notation that we use and that we allow our students to use. The ways in which we communicate about mathematics may bring with them connotations that result in students’ misconceptions or misuses, many of which relate to the previously discussed Rules That Expire.