NBSD S.T.E.A.M. Summer Camp 2023

This past summer, Stephanie Stern-Protz teamed up with Dr. Luis Ramirez to run the 2023 North Bergen STEAM Summer Camp at North Bergen High School. The camp was a hit with over 50 students who attended in the mornings and afternoons, and with the many STEM Academy high school student leaders who volunteered their time.

Campers entering grades five through eight were treated to a host of projects including competitive builds, art projects, engineering projects, guest speakers and activities, and much more. A video of our summer is below to view and enjoy. 

“We were able to fit 16 projects into 20 days of camp, and were able to give the campers outside play time to just be kids in this unique experience at North Bergen,” said Dr. Ramirez 

“Dr. Ramirez’ ability to devise interesting and truly advanced project-based activities coupled with fun projects from our friends at NASA, made a world of difference,” added Mrs. Stern-Protz, “This was STEAM Education that we hope our incredible teaching teams at Kennedy and the High School will be proud of.”

How did the kids like it? Well according to campers and counselors alike; making new friends, learning new concepts in climate and engineering, patterns in mathematics,  creating holographic projections, robotics, and real-people skills like gratitude in life were key to making this a very special and successful summer.

Our thanks to Mayor Sacco, Dr. George Solter, Superintendent of Schools, The North Bergen Board of Education, Richard Locricchio, Principal of North Bergen High School, Dr. Jared Keshishian, District Supervisor of Science and Chair of the Academies, and Ms. Eugenia Ramos, Director of Title I/ESSA.

Special thanks go to Dr. Sugi Subawickrama for her Gratitude Mental Health Session and Gabriel Lafi (NBHS Class of 2022) for our Origami Activity.