NBHS Scheduling and Parent/Freshmen Orientation Information

NBHS schedule changes for errors only will be corrected on the following days:
11th & 12th Grades: Tuesday, August 27th
9th & 10th Grades: Wednesday, August 28th
These are the only errors that will be addressed:
1.  Incorrect course/and or course level
2. Missing required courses for graduation
3. Missing previously selected course
4. No lunch period
5. Obvious errors on the schedule, such as two classes scheduled for the same period and/or missing a period.  Please note:  Two study halls is not considered an error
Please be advised:  
**On Wednesday, August 28, 2019 NBHS will be hosting a "Parent/Freshman Orientation" meeting at 7 PM in the high school auditorium.**
***Please submit lunch applications on the first day of school***