Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!This website is being designed to provide complete and concise information for students and their parents regarding our curriculum, activities, special services, expectations and rights. Good communication between the school and home is necessary if we expect our children to succeed in their educational endeavors. We look forward to a new school year and to working with you toward the goal of the North Bergen Board of Education:


Parents, Please note:

The New Jersey Department of Education has established strict guidelines regarding electronic devices in any room where the PARCC Test is being administered. Students are not permitted to bring prohibited electronic devices into the testing room (i.e., cell phones, smart watches, MP3 players, iPods, personal eBooks, electronic pens, etc.) 

This mandatory policy applies to all students during the PARCC administration:

If a prohibited device is brought into the testing room, prior to the start of the test, students will be required to turn them off and turn them into Test Administrator prior. Devices will be held by the Test Administrator until testing has concluded.

If a student is found to have a prohibited device once testing has begun, we are required to contact the Department of Education and an investigation of testing irregularity will be undertaken.

Please share the severity of these new mandates with your child prior to administration of PARCC Testing.




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