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P.E.A.K. Art Program

7th and 8th Grade P.E.A.K. Art students painted a mural at John F. Kennedy School.
Meet the P.E.A.K. Art Teachers
Ms. Culotta-Horace Mann School
Ms. Rogachevskaya- Horace Mann School/Robert Fulton
Mr. Winslow-Robert Fulton
Mr. Gold-Franklin School
Mrs. Colta-John F. Kennedy School
Ms. Culotta-Lincoln School
Ms. Haon-Lincoln School
Mr. Spezzacatena-McKinley/Robert Fulton Annex
*7th/8th grade students who are interested in participating in P.E.A.K. Art should see the Art teacher in your building.
P.E.A.K. Art testing in each school takes place each September-October.
Classes are held with the home school P.E.A.K. Art teacher once class period per week.