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    McKinley Spartans


    In an effort to bring you more school happenings, we have created a McKinley School Youtube Channel! 

    We hope to bring you some LIVE events soon!
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    Don't forget to come to our winter concert 
    Thursday 9:15 - 11:00 AM  Grades K-3
    Friday 9:15 - 11:00 AM Grades 4-8

    In case you cannot come, go to our youtube page to watch live!


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    May your holidays be filled with happiness, health, good cheer and warmth of family!


    Check out what has been happening at McKinley School the last month!


    Our students couldn't wait to participate!
    Mad Scientist 2017 
    Click the link above to watch a video of when the Mad Scientist came to McKinley!

    Asking and answering questions!
    They asked and answered questions!
    Learning new things!
    Dr. Solter came to learn too!


    Our Vision is to create a Pre K – 8th grade school that produces major gains in student achievement, and for it’s contribution in actively serving and improving the community in which it operates.



    Our school strives to be a racially and culturally diverse community of students, parents and staff, dedicated to creating a peaceful environment in which, each person is treated with unconditional positive regard and acceptance.  Within such an environment, each student in Pre K – 8th grade, will become empowered and inspired to reach his or her full academic, emotional, and physical potential.



    Students will improve their reading fluency with an increased building focus on reading connected text and guided reading groups.


    Students will improve their mathematics proficiency with an increased focus on direct instruction and increased opportunities to apply skills.

    Students will improve written language skills with an increased focus on opportunities to write narrative, non-fiction and opinion pieces.

    Students will improve learning engagement and social skills with an increased  focus on kind, safe, cooperative and respectful interactions.

    "Together we can achieve excellence in education!"
    important notice
    Please be aware that no food is to be brought into classrooms in order to celebrate a student's birthday.  This is due to a newly adopted policy regarding food allergies in effect in the North Bergen School District.  However, your child's homeroom teacher will suggest alternative ways to celebrate your child's birthday within the classroom that are safe for all students.
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