Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year.  There are many exciting and new programs to help our children grow and work towards achieving educational excellence.  We look forward to the inaugural year of the STEM academy at North Bergen High School.  The continuation of the Scholastic Reading program will help insure that all children will improve their reading level.  We will have an increased emphasis on reading and writing across the curriculum including social studies and science.  Continuing the advancement in our mathematics program will ensure each child can improve his or her reasoning skills.  Our goal is to share information with you the parent and partner in each child’s efforts towards academic growth.


Additionally, we intend to give each child the opportunity to grow beyond a pure pressure placed on assessments of academics.  The North Bergen School District will look to educate each child through increased technology, application to real life applications, project based assessments, and an understanding of 21st century life skills.


We look forward to informing you of activities and ongoing functions through social media.  Our facebook account is at www.facebook.com/nbergenschools  and our twitter account is at @nbergenschools.  Additionally, each parent should contact the school guidance counselor to obtain the access code to the parent portal of Realtime our student information system. 


Finally, we will be having a number of parent information nights at the local schools.  Please look for these dates to be an informed consumer concerning your child’s education.  Together we can do special and exciting things to provide your children a first class education.